About Us

For over 20 years we have been providing products online to buyers at low prices. We have used several different platforms and market places to distribute our products. We liquidate wholesale products (returns, yard sale and more…) and we dropship new products as well. On our site you will find:

"Tosi health products," is a system that helps to provide a nutrient and anti-oxidant rich combination that helps to eliminate cravings and balance your body. Not only that, it’s delicious, it’s faster than "fast food," very affordable, convenient and portable.

 "used", refurbished" and "new" products at a very good price. Products in the "used" category are pre-owned and will show some signs of use but not worn; others within that same category are like new due to the fact that there may be no obvious signs of use.

Refurbish" fit in both "use and new" category depending on what is the product that got refurbished by a professional or the manufacturer. Usually those are products that had some defects while they were under warranty that got repaired by the manufacturer or its registered refurbisher 

Under the "new" category tab are brand new sealednew never used, Open box or New but without box and sometimes without paper work and or missing some of the  accessories but has been handled either because the original packaging was damage or not available. The integrity of those products are the same as brand new without the warranty, printed materials and or whatever that comes with the brand new sealed product.We look forward to serve you with with great pricing and excellent customer service. It is our goal to keep all buyers happy.